La nostra storia

Olivarte is a new company, but with an ancient mission: to make known the excellence of extra virgin olive oil produced in the province of Salerno throughout the world. Quality oil, the result of care, dedication, work and experience of screwdrivers for generations. The oil of excellence, produced by the skill and the seriousness of transformers with an important tradition behind it. The art of cultivation, the art of transformation, the art of kindness and seriousness in dealing with customers. That's why we're called Olivarte. Olivarte is a multi-year company aimed at production. marketing and promotion of both "Colline Salernitane" PDO extra-virgin olive oil and "organic farming", a European recognition designating an agricultural product or food product whose production cycle from raw material to finished product takes place in a well-defined geographical area not reproducible elsewhere. Equipped with a modern continuous extraction system for obtaining an extra virgin olive oil with high quality quality and nutritional characteristics. In fact, it comes from the raw material (the olives) and from that of the production process, from the cultivation of the fruit to the milling for the extraction of oil and takes its typicality from the peculiarity of the territory. Three varieties of extra virgin olive oils of unexceptionable quality, a extra, a PDO, a Biological, with a green color with yellow-straw-yellow reflections with fruity of freshly-veined green olives, herbaceous and floral hints, pleasantly bitter and spicy due to the presence of polyphenols, balanced and moderately fluid structure. All the products are accompanied by European certification on the qualities, the organoleptic characteristics, the place and date of production, the techniques used. Buying an Olivarte product means having the confidence to bring to the table all the genuineness of 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil is the only oil that can be consumed freshly squeezed from the fruit, especially raw, with this system does not disperse polyphenols. Rich in oleic acid and vitamin E it is obtained only from olives harvested by mechanical processes separated from the leaves, washed and ground, giving life to an immediately edible product that preserves the entire nutritional value of the fruit. The extra virgin olive oil must be free from defects and with acidity lower than 0.8% and with an organoleptic score equal or greater than 6.5. The organoleptic analysis conducted at the laboratories of the Chamber of Commerce, evaluates the product based on the real characteristics: the oil is in fact tasted, smelt and observed by expert tasters. Its organoleptic characteristics can change according to the variety of olives, from the territory of origin, from harvesting and pressing techniques and, above all, from conservation techniques.